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Save thousands of dollars on your next project!

taxincentives01The recent Stimulus package enacted by the federal government includes provisions that increase tax credits for energy efficient improvements. There are many products that potentially qualify for these credits.


Just some examples...

Anderson Windows


With the new energy tax credit, there's more incentive than ever to choose windows and doors with energy-saving features. But if you want to be eligible for the tax credit, you have to choose wisely — and our EcoExcel™ Energy Performance Package makes that easy.

All Andersen® windows and patio doors with the EcoExcel™ package will qualify for the energy tax credit. Guaranteed.* The EcoExcel™ package gives you the top Andersen energy-saving features, as well as one of the industry’s widest selections of qualifying windows and doors. And with the EcoExcel™ package, there is no need for expensive upgrades.



Harvey Doors and Windows


If you purchase any qualifying Harvey window, then you are eligible to receive a tax credit of 30% of the product cost, up to $1500, on all eligible products. There has never been a better time to put Harvey Building Products replacement windows into your home!


Update - Congress Extends Home Buyer Tax Credit

According to Window & Door magazine, Congress passed legislation on November 6, 2009, that will extend and expand the $8,000 first-time home buyer tax credit. The bill is expected to be signed into law by President Obama on Friday.

The new law will extend the $8,000 credit for first-time home buyers for sales contracts entered into by April 30, 2010 and closed by June 30. Further, it has been expanded to include a new $6,500 credit for owners of existing homes who are purchasing a new principal residence. An existing home owner can claim the $6,500 tax credit if they have been residing in their principal residence for five consecutive years out of the last eight. Additionally, the income eligibility limits to claim the full credit amount for both groups of home buyers have been raised to $125,000 for individuals and $225,000 for married couples.



Call us anytime to discuss the details of these great programs and the savings you could already qualify for!


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